Dr. Pitch Scores Again!
12 pounds 5 ozs
Lake Cuchillo
In Memory
Doctor Patrick Robert Pitchford
June 28, 1942-April 15, 2012
My Brother-My Best Friend

Check out these Hogs!
I caught these six bass between 10:00 & 11:30 in the morning while holding my boat on a beautiful off-shore rocky ledge in 21 feet of water that sharply dropped to 80 feet. 

This spot was a classic "Contact Point" for suspending bass to move to as their first stop on a feeding forage; as it made a sharp 90 degree bend and had several large under water rocks and mesquite trees located on and along the bend.  I could actually watch these bass move up to and on to the ledge with my front sonar unit.  I was jigging my bait straight up and down, consequently keeping it in productive water more of the time.  I had several Bass this size or larger that pulled loose because of poor hook ups, but I quickly modified the hook on the bait I was using with a treble hook and didn't lose anymore fish.

Releasing 6 bass from 10 lbs to a heavy 13 lbs

Be sure and be on the water in a productive area depending on the time of the year
between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
or the same times (10 to 2) if night fishing in clear water.
I caught my largest bass (15 pounds 5 ozs) at 1:30 in the afternoon on July 4th several years ago!

15 pounds 5 ozs

Here's a nice 13.1 that I caught at High-Noon in June!

Mexican Lake Topo Maps
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Presa Luis Donaldo Colosio

Beautiful Lake Huites!

Construction on the Lake Huites Dam was started in 1992 and completed in 1995. Although this project was initially surrounded with much controversy from various factions of the Mexican populace, the dam construction phase was completed in a record setting 29 months. The positive overall impact of this impoundment has however very quickly proven to far exceed any negative consequences that might have been contemplated or envisioned at the outset

Dam Construction Site 1992

The added water storage capacity has more than doubled the area of land downstream in the lush "Rio Fuerte Valley" that can be cultivated and irrigated, along with the addition of another state of the art hydro-electric-generating-power-facility. The Huites dam on the Rio Furete has also virtually assured the complete control of any major flooding downstream that has occasionally occurred in the past from excessive mountain snow melt and the rare hurricane that skirts the west coast States of Sinaloa, Durango, Sonora and Chihuahua dumping huge amounts of rain over the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range.

Another interesting fact about Lake Huites is that more than 50% of the total construction costs were paid by private sector agricultural interests.  This co-mingling of Private-Federal-State Government Funding was a first for any major-lake-dam-hydroelectric- irrigational-construction project in all of Mexico.

Dam Inauguration December 1995

On the negative side, there were 14 small Mexican Communities located in or near the area that had to be relocated, among those being the small village of Huites, for which the lake is unofficially named.   Approximately 200 families (1300) citizens were compensated for their homes and have mostly settled in the Choix area just southwest of the dam.  The only area of the lake that was deforested was in the immediate construction area of the dam and almost all of this timber was reused for fencing around new homes in the Choix area.  Most of the original home sites were left intact and offer substantial cover when lake levels fluctuate.  There were also approximately 350 small hacienda-ranches along the major rivers and arroyos that had to be abandoned with most of these concrete structures left in place also. 

Hacienda In Huites Before Lake Construction

The Lake is located approximately 100 miles from the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, which is the closest major city offering full service airport facilities.  It is about a three-hour drive from the airport up into the lower range of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain Range.  For those private pilots, a fully paved airstrip is located in El Fuerte, which is only 1-1/2 hours drive to most of the lodges now in operation on Lake Huites.

The Old Village Of Huites Being Inundated

At pool elevation, the Lake encompasses some 23,000 acres of the most stunningly beautiful countryside to be found anywhere in North America with a water depth of almost 500 feet at the dam.  The Lake was originally heavily stocked with all Florida strain largemouth bass that have quickly matured in size and numbers.  It is not uncommon for novice and seasoned anglers alike to catch and release 50-100 bass per day with double digit trophy bass (Lobinos) already plentiful!  

The Incredible Beauty Of Lake Huites 

There is a three (3) Bass per day limit per Angler for those wishing to bring home a few fillets.  However, catch and release is the prevailing rule at most lodges, with most all trophy bass photographed and quickly released so another visiting angler might be fortunate enough for a photo session with the bass catch of a lifetime!   A Mexican fishing license is also required (supplied as part of all fly in package trips) along with a boating permit if one pulls their bass boat to the lake.    

Happy Lake Huites Anglers

Contrary to much hype and misinformation that Lake Huites has been designated for sport angling only, there are presently three major commercial fishing operators licensed to harvest fish for resale.  They employ approximately 150 Pescadores that are legally allowed to place nets for harvest of all major fish populations.  The percentages of species harvested in year 2000 are approximately as follows: Carp-40%, Cat Fish-6%, Tilapia-40%, Bass-14%.  With several thousands of TONS of all species harvested.  It still remains to be seen if a practical and prudent harvest ratio of the various species can be maintained by commercial operators along with containment of illegal harvest so as to also maintain the best possible bass population for sport angling with maximum numbers of healthy bass available.  

There are presently several Lodges operating on Lake Huites with other outfitters offering services from the nearby small villages of Mezquite Caido, Choix and the town of El Fuerte, Sinaloa.   With the proper cooperation between commercial operators, lake officials and lodge owners, Lake Huites should continue well into the new millennium as one of the "Premier-Bass-Angling- Destinations" in the entire world.  Call or e-mail us today for more information and your reservations to experience the best bass angling in the world!


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